Dream Center Peoria is located in the heart of the city.

Originally built in 1953 and used by the YMCA, the building became empty in 2000 with a sale price of $4 million. No one was interested in this eight story building and it sat for over four years. 

In early 2004, as Dream Center Peoria was looking for a home to house its operations and ministries, some developments occurred. The building dropped in price to $1.4 million which allowed the building to be purchased.

The day that Dream Center Peoria approached the YMCA about the building, one of the largest hospitals in Peoria also contacted the YMCA on the same day — no one had contacted them in nine months about the property. After some miraculous intervention and meetings with both the YMCA  and the hospital, Dream Center Peoria ended up purchasing the eight-story, 140,000 sq. foot building with two gymnasiums, 22 apartments for transitional housing, a homeless shelter for 65 people, countless class rooms, a swimming pool that would be later turned into an auditorium for 400 people and a youth area that would house the youth development program — all for $200,000! 

Since then, Dream Center Peoria has become a place where people can find hope and truly see who Jesus Is…