eight stories up, eight stories down...


The Elevators need some help...

This is a big deal. We serve between 20-65 woman, children and fathering dads each night in our homeless shelter. The average age of our guests in the shelter is nine years of age.

In addition to The Shelter, we have 21 families living in The Village, our transitional residential program. 21 apartments that have families trying to change and get back into society. But the best way to these areas of the building is on the elevators.

We love our building but it does come with some challenges. Dream Center Peoria is over 140,000 square feet and is used every minute of the day. In recent months we have been informed that our elevators, that go up 8 stories, need to be be totally repaired as the technology and mechanics are too old. The elevators were put in the year the building was built in 1953. They have been updated over the years but new parts are very, very hard to find. After speaking with many elevator companies and receiving many quotes, the final figure that we have to raise to fix them is $300,000.

Just to give you a little perspective, this is just under a third of our annual operating budget

The goal was to repair one while the other one could still be used. Unfortunately, one elevator has broken down (and we are looking for a replacement motor as we speak which will cost $20,000) and the other one is just working (but only just — many have got stuck in it). We were also told that the repair time will be close to 9 months long for both to be fixed. We now have to work as quickly as possible to get both elevators working again.

This is a massive need for us as we don't want to stop the services that we are providing to our homeless guests and transitional housing guests.

If you feel that you can help in anyway possible, please click below to help us financially with our elevator needs.