YOUTH DEVELOPMENT consists of after-school programs and summer camp, as well as opportunities in athletics, arts, life skills and vocational development courses.



Project 309


Project 309 provides students ages 6-18 with after school opportunities in mentoring, tutoring, learning, and life skills to help give students the foundation on which to grow and succeed.

Specific program elements we provide include monthly contact with parents or guardians, contact with school teachers and administrators, one-on- one or one-on- few mentoring, courses in communication and math, physical and health education, and elective classes such as drama, dance, drums, bike repair, cloud consulting, and business acumen.

For more information contact, Robbie Criss, our Youth Director at


dcp coffee


The Dream Center coffee company shows kids and youth a way out of poverty through business.




We want to show and guide kids and youth through the full cycle of where organic fruit and vegetables comes from and how it can impact someone's life from the garden to the table, even while being in the city. 




With our basketball and indoor soccer programs, we can teach life lessons through the sports we do.

Freedom Arts


A place where local artists can impact the lives of kids and youth living in poverty through our creative arts school.


Job trade school

 Dream Center Peoria: Jason Howell

From bicycles to motor bikes… we teach kids how to fix a punctured tire to completely restoring a motor bike which in turn could help them with career choices.




Over 70 students spend their summers here at our day camp. From early morning to early evening. During the days they are taught life skills, character building, practical learning and a whole lot of fun!