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 Friends of the Peoria Region and Dream Center:

It has been my prayer that you would take a moment to carefully read and prayerfully consider this.

DIGNITY, COMPASSION, and PURPOSE... This is what’s at the core of Dream Center Peoria. Over the years, we have found poverty to be more of a mindset issue rather then a resource issue, so every day we strive to show the love of Christ to all who come through our doors.

Over 18 months ago we moved our emergency overnight homeless shelter for women and children, to a 24 hours a day operation. Over the past 18 months we have seen 100% increase in the number of guests who come to find help and hope. As the increase happened, I knew something had to be done on many levels. Giving dignity and compassion to our guests is a priority. When we have 100 people in a space designed for 65 people, we knew we had to look for alternative options. The 4th floor is the best option and we see how it is an option which God has kept open to us.

The 4th floor is one area that has not been renovated since we purchased the building nearly 10 years ago. Over the years we have discussed what we could put up there but this need shows us what we should put up there.

Love transforms. Love is a “hand-up” not just a “hand-out”!

Since purchasing this building for a miraculous $210,000, we have never gone to the bank for anything with regards to renovation or updates. We zoned the building into different areas and then shared the vision of how the area that needs renovation fits into our main mission of Impacting families living in poverty, starting with kids and youth. Over the year we have invested more than $3 million into this 140,000 square foot building…. and we have never gone to the bank once. People in the area step up and make things happen. It’s miraculous really…. It’s clearly a God thing

It’s not just the 4th floor that will be renovated but also 2 other areas, which impact the homeless community that we serve. The existing 3rd floor homeless shelter will be remodeled and provide more bedrooms and beds taking our capacity to 125. We will also be building individual sleeping quarters for families or individuals escaping human trafficking.

In addition, we will convert 2 racquetball courts into a commercial kitchen and food storage area to provide 65,000 meals to our guests and also provide meals for all our students each day after school, special events and celebrations. It will also be situated next to our trade school where we teach junior and senior high students different trades. With the kitchen right there, we will teach young people culinary arts and also give cooking classes to the ladies who live in our housing program called The Village.

Meeting this need is a two-phase project, which we would like to do all at once to achieve cost savings. In total, this is a $1.7 million dollar project.

We found the need. Will you help us meet it?

We are writing to you because we felt God tell us to put the need and our vision in front of people and let you prayerfully consider your involvement. We know it will take responses both BIG and small to meet the $1.7 million dollar need but God has shown his hand on this city so many times during our 17 years.

Will you please pray about helping us right now with this one time need?

We are in a unique and exciting moment because although we are financially healthy, we feel so much urgency. We know that DIGNITY, COMPASSION, and PURPOSE will change the lives of the 100 people in our shelter. We are believing for this $1.7 million to come quickly so we can begin life changing work.

Since this is a big ask, I expect you will have some big questions. We’d love to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to myself, or Brian Uhlenhopp ( // 612-790-5810) about details, long-term

pledges, gifts or stock, in-kind donations, or with suggestions on ministry. Or you can call us to come and see the 4 th floor.

I thank God for the many individuals, families, and businesses who have financially come alongside Dream Center Peoria over the past 17 years to love children and families in poverty. I thank God that you have taken the time to consider partnering with us on this awesome opportunity.

God is at work in our city! To him be all glory and praise!

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