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When you volunteer at Dream Center Peoria, you join a movement to change not only the lives of individual people in desperate need, but entire families, a community, and even a city.

We welcome friends from near and far who volunteer and give to provide a pathway out of homelessness, addiction, domestic violence.You can impact a young persons life forever by just showing up. If you hear God’s calling to this crucial and overlooked mission field, join us now!

As you connect with people in need and see what a difference your efforts make, you’ll be blessed with a new perspective, a sense of purpose, more confidence and a deeper love for those in need.


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Please sign up using the above link if you've already completed a background check. Thank you!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

24/7 Homeless Shelter

  • Help serving meals

  • Becoming a mentor during the day

  • Clean shelter on the weekends


The Hope Store


Tuesdays/Thursdays - Sorting donations from 8am-12pm 


First Thursday/ Third Saturday (Guest days) 9am-12pm


Project 309/Summer Camp


Work alongside students to help them with their homework and to be there as a mentor during the school year


Elective Teachers

We are in need of various elective teachers. If you are available one day a week and love to teach a skill, please feel free to reach out! We open to any and all types of electives. Some examples are art, music, culinary arts, computers, entrepreneurship, ect…


Homeless Shelter Food Program

We are looking for a licensed kitchen volunteer to head up this program. Our aim is to cook a month’s worth of meals, freeze them, and then serve them every Sunday to our ladies in the homeless shelter.