Dream Center Peoria: Jason Howell

One of our top priorities at Dream Center Peoria is to see dignity showcased in everything that is done, believing that dignity ignites purpose and opens doors to new possibilities.

Beginning March of 2019 our vision is to see even more dignity extended to the 75 residents of The Shelter through daily homemade, hot meals, prepared and served at dinner time by compassionate people like you.

 Dream Center Peoria: Jason Howell

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. More Than Food is a great service opportunity for small groups and families

2. Sample recipes for groups of 75 can be found on our website

3. You will bring some of the biggest smiles to the faces of our shelter residents

4. You only need to commit to make one meal at a time (but we think you’ll want to do more)

We believe that through this simple act we will all be able to see the power of love on display. 
When you make a meal, you’ll be giving more than food.